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Julius - leader of the whole RoundNews team, he likes to do sports and travel. His interest in news started out back when he was a kid. His character lead him towards the life of a journalist or detective. He chose the first one.

Navid Iqbal - A professional news writer that publishes news on 4 news sites. Writing is his passion and his editorials are always to the point while maintaining enough details to keep anyone hooked into the story.

Bernadette Otieno - A journalist, currently working as a freelance writer for various publications including RoundNews. She covers general world news.

Adam West - A reporter that does video stories for RoundNews. He covers technology, business and general world news. His videos treat a wide diversity of subjects and his charm just makes anyone impossible to resist him.

James Mahoney - Analyst and field reporter for RoundNews. He provides additional coverage and provides short news stories for RoundNews' Youtube video channel.


Jed E. Robinson from Buffalo NY - Previously worked as a Cabinetmaker for Karl's Shoes. He decided that he wants to do something different with his life and in the month of January 2012 he applied for a part time job on RoundNews after finishing a Journalism course.