Eight people wounded in a shooting at a bar in San Antonio

A man who was denied entry into a bar in San Antonio Friday night within a group because they were intoxicated opened fire with a long rifle wounding five women and three men, aged 23 to 41.

They are at area hospitals, where six of them transported themselves and are in stable condition. The most serious injury was suffered by someone who was shot in the back. None of the victims have been publicly identified. Investigators are reviewing surveillance footage to identify the suspect. The shooter said, "'don't you know who I am? I'm a UFC fighter from California.' The gunman  fled the scene in a vehicle. He remained at large. The incident occurred at Rebar, a large nightspot that often has live music and DJ performances, about two miles south-east of San Antonio International Airport. Rebar had live music Friday night with one of its frequent artists, DJ Ceejay. The bar reopened following the coronavirus pandemic and was operating at 25 percent capacity.

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Few other details were immediately available. The police chief said that he didn't think that the immediate area surrounding the bar was in any danger. He said there were not many people in the parking lot where the shooting occurred.