Chicken Wings worth $65,000 Stolen


Petterson and Jackson are said to have stolen 10 pallets of frozen chicken wings from the Lawrenceville Nordic Cold Storage on the 12th of this month. The two orchestrated the ‘chicken heist’ in broad daylight, with Jackson loading up the wings using a forklift into a rental truck and Petterson keeping a watchful eye so that they wouldn’t get caught in the act. The two are currently out on a $2,950 bond and the wings they stole are said to have not been recovered.

The price of chicken wings is expected to soar during the Super Bowl, with chicken farmers arguing that the price is attributed to the increased price of feed. This is due to the increased demand by restaurants for wings, therefore football fans of the beloved snack will have to make-do with the delicacy at a higher price than usual or entirely miss out on it.


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