Trump administration announced ban for China’s airlines to operate to and from the U.S.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) from the U.S. on Wednesday issued an order banning China’s airlines from operating passenger flights to and from the U.S. as of mid-June.

It affirmed this decision comes as a response to China denying U.S. carriers to resume flights to China as global travel restrictions begin easing amid the coronavirus health crisis. This is considered a violation of  countries’ Air Transport Agreement which was established in 1980. “Currently, four Chinese carriers and no U.S. carriers operate scheduled passenger flights between the United States and China,” reads the DOT’s statement. The DOT’s order, released on Wednesday, names airlines operated by Air China; Beijing Capital Airlines Co., Ltd.; China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited; China Southern Airlines Company Limited; Hainan Airlines Holding Co. Ltd.; Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd.; and Xiamen Airlines. „We will allow Chinese carriers to operate the same number of scheduled passenger flights as the Chinese government allows ours,” the DOT’s statement reads more.

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The Trump administration is also cracking down on Chinese passenger airline charter flights and will warn carriers not to expect approvals. Relations between the two countries have also soured in recent months amid escalating tensions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, Taiwan and Hong Kong.