An explosion occurred at a factory in downtown Los Angeles

An explosion Saturday evening at a hash oil manufacturer in downtown Los Angeles, 327 East Boyd St., critically injured 11 firefighters.

They had gone inside the building after an initial report of a fire. Sudain a  ball of flames shot out the building and scorched a fire truck across the street. A plume of smoke was visible for miles against the clear blue sky. People at the scene described the explosion as sounding like a freight train or jet engine. “The was one of the worst scene's I've seen," Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Erik Scott said. The building was a warehouse for SmokeTokes, a maker of “butane honey oil," used in the process to extract the high-inducing chemical THC from cannabis plants to create a highly potent concentrate, known as hash oil.


The company is an international distributor and wholesaler of smoking and vaping products, and related accessories. The fire quickly spread to several buildings. More than 230 firefighters rushed to the scene and dozens of engines, trucks and rescue vehicles and the fire was extinguished. The cause of the fire is investigated.