Republicans Call for Obama’s Resignation Following Beyonce Scandal



According to the Newyorker, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said that the lip-syncing incident “cast a dark cloud over the president’s second term.” He added that the only way for the president to remedy the situation would be to resign from office immediately.

The media, however, seems to blame the pop singer for the controversy but Paul feels like the incident happened on the president’s watch and he therefore shoulders the burden of the blame. Paul further stated that the refusal by White House to comment on what happened only strengthens the argument that the president does have something to hide.

The pop singer is accused of lip-syncing the national anthem during the occasion, which has raised concerns that what if the president also lip-synched the oath of office he took? Though this might seem far-fetched the Republicans are not letting the matter rest any time soon and they are fully holding the president accountable, seeking his resignation from office as the only remedy to the matter.


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