Storms and even tornadoes predicted in weekend in the U.S.

Bad weather was predicted for this weekend in some U.S. regions.

Steady rain and numerous storms are possible overnight and into Saturday morning. "A significant severe weather outbreak is possible for portions of the middle Mississippi Valley on Saturday," the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) said Friday morning. This risk area extends over parts of the Midwest from Kansas to Illinois. Damaging winds and tornadoes are possible. The greatest tornado odds will be focused over northern Illinois with a level 4 of 5 risk. A level 3 of 5 risk covers a wider area from Missouri and Iowa into Indiana and a level 2 of 5 risk  includes over 35 million covering much of the Midwest, extending in the Ohio Valley and Southeast.


Saturday was declared an Accuweather Alert Day as the Chicago area braces for potentially severe storms. Temperatures are expected to surge into the 60s Saturday as the warm front, associated with a low pressure system over Iowa, lifts north. Wind shear will be extremely strong. Fact is close to 30 million people may be at risk for severe thunderstorms over the central United States.