Young man, train operator, has died helping people during a subway train fire

A fire investigated as a criminal matter erupted Friday morning in a subway train in Harlem. The fire erupted in the second car.

It was a big fire on the train. The train operator, identified as Garrett Goble, 36, was declared dead at Mount Sinai Hospital. He acted heroically to move passengers to the platform out of danger. 16 people including five firefighters were injured. More than 100 firefighters responded. Firefighters also evacuated people off another train that was behind it and usher them out through the tunnel and an emergency exit. Large plumes of smoke could be seen billowing out of street grates near where the train halted. Train service was suspended.


Police, fire marshals and federal agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were at the subway station at 110th Street and Central Park North on Friday investigating. "There are other fires that we are looking at, we have to see if they are connected to this, 86th street and 96th street, within the transit system," said NYPD Deputy Chief Brian McGee. “This is a terrible tragedy ... a young man serving the public during a national crisis was killed at just 36 years of age," said Transport Workers Union Local 100 President Tony Utano in a statement.