A man with disturbing behavior on the time of coronavirus crisis faces years in prison

George Falcone, 50, a man of Freehold Township, was charged with making terroristic threats, harassment and obstruction after officials said he refused to identify himself or provide identification to township police for more than 40 minutes.

Police responded to a call after the man was in a confrontation with a female employee of the Wegmans chain grocery store in Manalapan. He also "coughed on the woman and told her after doing so that he had the coronavirus." The incident is the latest in a shocking trend of people coughing, licking or otherwise possibly infecting a person or surface with coronavirus. “There are knuckleheads out there. We see them and we are enforcing behavior," New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said.

Wegmans chain grocery store

“We must do everything we can to deter this type of conduct and any similar conduct that harms others during this emergency. Just as we are cracking down on bias offenses and those who use the pandemic to fuel hatred and prejudice, we vow to respond swiftly and strongly whenever someone commits a criminal offense that uses the coronavirus to generate panic or discord," New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal declared in a news release. The man faces up to seven years in prison and several thousand dollars in fines.