Cab driver killed by his own vehicle after another driver crashed into it


Hoosain fell behind a van which was parked near a curb and died. Police, who got to the scene rather quickly, interrogated witnesses and checked the culprit of the fatal car accident to see if he was drunk. According to Police the Nissan Pathfinder was speeding down the E. 26th Street in Manhattan and then suddenly slammed into the Yellow Taxi that was double parked on the street. The driver was not drunk. According to one accident witness who overheard the discussion between Police and the Nissan driver the excessive speed was justified as the Nissan Pathfinder accelerator got stuck.

The car accident caused both vehicles to hit other parked cars. Another victim of the accident was a 43 year old man that was sitting in his parked Honda Accord. He was taken to Weil Cornell hospital with minor injuries.


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