Transportation Security Administration to remove revealing X-Ray scanners from airports


Privacy concerns have put pressure on TSA to have these revealing X-Ray body scans blurred out.

Although initially TSA has argued that the X-Ray scans couldn’t be stored and they were only seen by airport security personnel they eventually contracted Rapiscan to deliver a software update that will blur the scans by June 2013.

This Thursday Rapiscan came forward with a status analysis of the project and stated it wasn’t able to deliver the required software update by the agreed date. TSA announced yesterday the ending of its contract with Rapiscan. OSI, Rapiscan parent company, is taking a one-time charge of $2.7 million for the software developing it did until this date on the newly requested update and for the relocation of the x-ray machines. These will be sold to prisons and military bases where privacy is no one’s concern.




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