A woman helped save a man from a big fire on a highway only a few days after giving birth

"I had just left my baby that I got to bring into this world, and I didn't want to see a life go out of this world." These are the word describing an impulsive but heroic action of a 35 old woman.

Holly McNally delivered a baby boy on Monday. On Thursday, she helped rescue a truck driver from a massive tanker fire. The semitrailer hit a guardrail on an on-ramp from Interstate 465 to I-70 in Indianapolis. The tank was split in half and  the truck was overturned. The tanker truck was loaded with 4,000 gallons of jet fuel and burst into flames.Two explosions occurred. The woman who was in the car with her mother  stopped to save the driver. The 59-year-old man was on fire after he managed to get out of the truck on his own. “People are videotaping and watching, but no one was going over there. So I told my mom ‘I'm stopping, I'm going over there,'” McNally told later to media.

Image: Indiana State Police

Running toward the driver, McNally crossed paths with another man who was bringing a blanket to help extinguish the flames and cover the driver, whose clothes had burned off. The driver, who appeared to be in shock, was moved to safety. Emergency medical technicians arrived. He was in critical condition and remained hospitalized. McNally has three other children, ages 8, 11 and 15. She assumed a big risk to save another life. She considers herself just a normal human being.