Almost an entire family killed in a house blaze in Mississippi

A mother and her six children were killed early Saturday in a house fire in Clinton, Mississippi, some 10 miles (16km) from the state capital, Jackson.

The victims range in age from 1 year to 33. The mother was a primary school teacher. "She was a very loving mother, always doing things for the kids," was the description of a friend. Firefighters responded just after midnight. t took about 40 minutes to control the blaze. The children's father, who tried to rescue them, was taken to a hospital with critical injuries, even if he initially refused to be taken away. The father was the lone survivor.


"We do know that he was worried and concerned and being cared to by our paramedics and ... at that point he did not want to leave the scene," an official said. The house was built in 1951. The cause of the fire was not known and was under investigation. It’s believed an electrical failure could have caused the blaze. On Facebook, the City of Clinton said it had been a "tragic day". This tragic event offered occasion to State Chief Deputy Fire Marshal Ricky Davis to urge residents to take safety precautions to prevent fires.