Delta Air Lines company sued by schoolteachers from Los Angeles area

Four Los Angeles-area schoolteachers who were doused with jet fuel dumped by a Delta Air Lines plane a few days ago sued the airline on Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Dozens of children and teachers at Park Avenue Elementary School in suburban Cudahy were showered with jet fuel released by the plane as it circled back toward LAX. The Federal Aviation Administration said on Wednesday the flight crew released fuel without notifying air traffic control personnel. The FAA, which is investigating the incident, said a flight crew seeking to dump fuel before an emergency landing would typically be directed by air traffic controllers to a higher altitude.

Teacher at a news conference

“Their severe emotional distress includes the reasonable fear that the exposure to and ingestion of jet fuel might produce serious health consequences such as cancer in the future,” the complaint says. They "could feel the fuel on their clothes, flesh, eyes and skin." As a result, they became "sick, dizzy and nauseated." One of the teachers said at a press conference said she sought medical help for recurring symptoms. The jet fuel was dumped Tuesday by Delta Flight 89 bound for Shanghai. The investigation into the case can take several weeks.