Twelve hostages were found unharmed after the Nordstrom hostage situation


As soon as the Police got there they saw someone exiting the store in a hurry but they didn’t get to question the man as he quickly went back inside the store.

Police immediately requested backup as something was definitely not alright. Soon after another man got out of the store and a woman was with him. As soon as the man saw the Police he forced the woman to get back inside with him. This was a real reason for Police to alarm. They had a real hostage situation on their hands. This is when the Los Angeles Police department called SWAT.

SWAT arrived quickly at the scene at with only few minutes of delay they immediately acted to rescue the hostages and catch the bad guys. Although the 14 hostages were freed not all of them were found unharmed. One of the hostages was stabbed and the other one, a woman, was sexually assaulted. The suspects were after the money and before SWAT arrived they managed to flee from LAPD in a white SUV.


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