A Texas family was rescued from Colorado's San Juan National Forest

A Texas family was found by rescuers after spending a day trapped in San Juan Mountains on the Christmas Eve.

The couple in their early 30s and their 12-year-old daughter were  en route to Norwood, Colorado, to make a furniture delivery. In Colorado's San Juan National Forest, their rented Penske truck got stuck in the snow. They tried to dig the truck out but didn't have any luck. It was not the best road in winter but their GPS told them it was the fastest route from Durango to Norwood. They were reported missing Monday after failing to deliver furniture on the scheduled time. The authorities were mounting a multiagency rescue operation across three counties.


"The family stayed warm by running the truck engine and covering with furniture blankets," Susan Lilly, a spokeswoman for the San Miguel County Sheriff's Office, told media. One member of the sheriff's office was flying a personal aircraft as part of the search. This helped to locate them and they were rescued. "People need to remember that electronic GPS systems are not always the best guide,” San Miguel County Sheriff Bill Masters concluded.