Google planning to offer free internet to New York neighbors


Given the WiFi range people from a 10-block area will be able to access the wireless network. The service is offered by a nonprofit organization called The Chelsea Improvement in partnership with and the coverage area of the free Wi-Fi internet will include residential zones, public spaces, schools and civic centers.

’s chief information officer declared: “This network will not only be a resource for the 2,000-plus residents of the Fulton Houses, it will also serve the 5,000-plus student population of Chelsea as well as the hundreds of workers, retail customers and tourists who visit our neighborhood every day.”

Twenty parks and New York public libraries already offer free internet through WiFi. Although is not the first one to bring free internet to New York the search engine giant’s decision to offer free wireless internet just goes to show that New York is indeed a leader in technological development. will pay up to $45000 per year to be able to offer the free WiFi and it will need to invest $115000 to set up the network in the first place. It is expected that an Internet user will get download speeds of 5 to 10 Mbps while connected to ’s WiFi.


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