Shooting with victims at a naval shipyard in Pearl Harbor

A US sailor has opened fire at a naval shipyard in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, killing two people, Wednesday, at about 2:30pm Hawaii Standard Time. A third was injured.

After, he turned the gun on himself. He was in uniform. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the gunman knew the victims or if the three were targeted at random. The area where the shooting occurred is one of the shipyard's four dry docks where vessels usually undergo repairs.The victims were all civilians working for the US Department of Defence.The shypiard was in lockdown for about two hours following the incident. It is located near the Pearl Harbour National Memorial, which commemorates the bombing by Japanese forces that pushed the United States into World War II. The joint base is a combined US Air Force and Navy Installation located 13 kilometres from Honolulu.


A military spokesman said the situation has been “contained”. Rear Admiral Robert Chadwick, commander of the Navy in Hawaii, said: “Our thoughts are with the families of the victims and everyone involved. This is certainly a tragedy for everyone here.”"I join in solidarity with the people of Hawaii as we express our heartbreak over this tragedy and concern for those affected by the shooting," Governor David Ige said on Twitter. Base security and Navy investigative services are currently investigating.