Police helped to transport a heart to the hospital in time for transplant


After a transplant vehicle got a flat tyre,Tuesday, being in the way from Chicago's Midway International Airport back to the University of Chicago Medicine's Hyde Park campus, two troopers of Illinois State Police who responded to the call, David Cibrian and Raymond Snisko, helped rushing the medical team and the donor heart to the hospital.

At the time of the incident there were left only two hours for the organ to be used for transplant. The surgery was completed in time and the transplant recipient is recovering. "Our District Chicago Troopers were able to turn a potentially bad situation into a thankful ending for at least one family this Thanksgiving holiday. I am extremely proud of our officers who acted without hesitation in this life saving transport," said Interim Capt. Angelo Mollo.


This was a fact showing the importance of police for the human society when the right actions are performed at the right time in the right circumstances. For the policemen this is the duty and they do it every day in every place. There are heroes around us and many times we even don’t know. Let’s honor David Cibrian and Raymond Snisko for their action ! We wish them all the best !