Trump’s photoshopped image wich nobody understand

Donald Trump posted a photo on Twitter, Wednesday,  where his head was photoshopped on the body of the fictional boxer Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone.

He offered zero explanation, not even a caption. The tweet was sent during a golf trip at one of Trump’s golf clubs in Florida. Exactly, Mr Trump posted the photo an hour after he arrived at his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. Fact is that nobody understood this. Many people said: „bizarre.” Others ask: „Is United States President Donald Trump getting ready for a fight? Or is he just showing support for one of his favorite films?” Some Rocky fans were quick to point out that the image was posted on the day of the 34th anniversary of Rocky IV premiering in theaters.


Some commenters suggested that it could be a reference to his unscheduled weekend visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Jeet Heer, a national affairs correspondent for The Nation magazine, called the photo “both funny and sad.” Others have suggested that it is a reference to his upcoming impeachment hearings, showing that he is prepared for whatever might come. Media professionals and politicians were also confused over the tweet. The tweet provoked a huge reaction with more than 69,000 comments and and more than  260,000 likes within two hours.