Arrest made after a hidden camera was found in a school bathroom

Scott Gelardi, a 42-year-old food worker at Northside Elementary School in El Campo, Texas, was arrested because it was proved that he placed a small hidden camera inside a boy’s bathroom.

His bond was set at a collective $70,000. The object was found by workers carrying out routine maintenance to the building. Camera contained photos, videos of male students. None of the children seen in the photos or video have been identified. Officers were able to determine who placed the recording device in the bathroom after reviewing timestamps on the camera along with the school's surveillance footage.


Gelardi has been charged with possession of child pornography with intent to promote and invasive visual recording. Additional charges may still be brought. ”There is no evidence of any physical contact with any children," an El Campo Police Department spokesperson said. No other devices have been discovered. Family members of the students said the district needs to have better vetting procedures when hiring people to work at the schools. The El Campo Independent School District said it is disturbed by the incident.