Cold weather predicted for the next week in the U.S.

An Arctic blast next week is expected in the U.S. "The National Weather Service is forecasting 170 potential daily record cold high temperatures Monday to Wednesday,” they announced.

The temperature nosedive will be a three-day process as a cold front charges across the central and eastern U.S. from Sunday into Tuesday. The evolution for the next week was also predicted: the front will plunge quickly through the northern Plains and upper Midwest Sunday, into the southern Plains and Ohio Valley Monday, then through most of the East Coast and Deep South by Tuesday. By Tuesday, record cold is possible in the Northeast, Ohio Valley and portions of the South. Temperatures east of the Rockies could run 20-30 degrees below normal. Highs may get only into the 30s as far south as Alabama.


The most intense cold will be in the northern Plains where temperatures may fall below zero. That freeze could be one for the record books. A storm system may develop over the central USA. Other unpleasant aspects may occur: the Kansas City area reported an odd odor and investigation found the smell of manure had been trapped in a part of the atmosphere that the cold front brought with it from a large stock farm in Albert Lea, Minnesota, to Kansas City.

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