iPhone thief lured to owner by a phony dating profile


The next morning the iPhone owner found out someone was already using his mobile phone after the free dating and social networking site OkCupid sent him some email notifications in regards to his online activity. The person who was using his account most likely found the phone after the musician lost it in the cab the night before. He chose to keep and use the phone instead of trying to find the owner.

Nadav Nirenberg knew the easiest way to get his phone back would be if he lured the thief to him. He set up a fake profile on the OkCupid dating site and engaged the person using his old profile into a discussion. By impersonating a cute girl he was able to make the thief want more than just to chat and quickly lured him to his apartment. When the thief arrived Nirenberg ambushed him and took his iPhone back. In order to defuse any anger that the thief might have had after the trick Nirenberg quickly explained how he lost the phone and gave him $20. He ensured the other person that he won’t file a Police report.



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