Deadly shooting at halloween in Orinda, northern California

Four people – men in their 20s - are dead and several more were injured Thursday night after a shooting erupted at a Halloween party in Orinda, northern California, at a residence in the Lucille Way and Knickerbocker area.

Some of the victims were rushed to the nearby John Muir Health Urgent Care Center for treatment. Police rushed to the 100 block of Lucille Way in Orinda at around 11pm on Thursday. Numerous emergency vehicles were on the scene. Police and emergency personnel were also seen talking to people who appeared to be injured. The Orinda police chief confirmed that the shooting took place at a short-term rental. There were at least 100 people at the party when authorities arrived. No other information about the shooting was immediately available from authorities.


Authorities have not said whether they are looking for the gunman, or whether he or she has been apprehended.  A neighbor said that particular house has been the scene of other parties that "sometimes get out of hand." Orinda is a quiet, affluent city, population 17,000, ranked the second-most friendly town in America by Forbes in 2012, located about 17 miles northeast from San Francisco. According to local crime statistics, between 2004-2018, only one murder was reported in Orinda.

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