Two underage girls arrested after drugging one of the girl’s parents


According to Police Lt. Lon Milka from Rocklin, the parents woke up during the night with hangover symptoms although they did not drink alcohol that night. The next morning they felt strange and somehow suspected they were drugged. After using a drug kit the parents soon realized that their fears were well founded. Since the milkshakes tasted weird the two couldn’t help wonder if someone from the fast food restaurant didn’t want to drug the two girls by spiking the milkshakes. They immediately went to the Police station.

The girls were brought for questioning but little did the authorities know that they were up for a big surprise. Police investigators quickly found out that the two teenagers crushed prescription sleeping pills into a thin powder and then mixed that with the two milkshakes. According to the sixteen year old daughter they did this in order to use internet past the 10 p.m. as her parents never allowed her to use it past that hour. Police did not release the two girls because they are underage. Until prosecutors will decide if charges of willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food will be filed the two girls were booked in the Juvenile Hall.


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