A hunter was killed by deer he shot


The deer attacked Thomas Alexander, 66, who suffered several puncture wounds on his body. Alexander was able to call his family for help, who then called emergency responders. He later died at the hospital. Alexander was pronounced dead at Baxter Regional Medical Center in Mountain Home. Officials are still looking for the deer. It is not known whether or not it survived the incident.The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has sent two K-9 units to search for.


Keith Stephens, chief of communications with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said that a such „bizarre incident” was „probably the only time it ever happined.” He said hunters should make sure to wait 30 minutes after shooting a deer before approaching it, as “it may not be dead.” A similar attack by a wounded deer occurred in south Arkansas in 2016, but the hunter in that case survived. In fact, America’s most dangerous animal is the deer. They are the deadliest animals in the country, killing 120 people on average each year, although that’s largely due to vehicle collisions than their unnervingly sharp antlers.


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