Former President Jimmy Carter active even after fracturing pelvis


He also hit his head. This is the third time Carter has fallen in recent months.  “He is in good spirits and is looking forward to recovering at home,” Deanna Congileo, director of communications for the Carter Center, said in a statement. He traveled the next day. “I fell down and hit my forehead on a sharp edge and had to go to the hospital. And they took 14 stitches in my forehead and my eye is black, as you’ve noticed. But I had a number one priority and that was to come to Nashville and build houses,” Carter told a crowd that evening at the 36th Carter Work Project with Habitat for Humanity event in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jimmy and Rosalyne Carter Work Project

The former president previously survived brain and liver cancer, announcing his cancer was gone in 2015. Carter is the oldest living former president in U.S. history. He and 92-year-old Rosalynn recently became the longest married first couple with more than 73 years of marriage.


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