Pennsylvania 11-month-old shot 4 times while sitting in a car


The baby’s stepmother, who drove de car near the 700 block of West Luzerne Street, heard shots being fired in the area an later constated the baby was hit by bullets in the head, in the chest, and twice in the back. The child was then rushed to Einstein Medical Center in critical condition. The child was then transferred to St. Christopher’s Hospital and is currently in extremely critical condition. The police began investigation but as of now no physical evidence has been found from where the crime occurred.


However, only a few blocks away and about an hour before the 11-month-old child was shot, police reported that three men were injured in a shooting. They are in stable condition. It’s not known if the incidents are linked. Until now, no arrests have been made. Police is appealing for witnesses. „I can’t believe it. (…) Eleven months old. My heart is breaking right now. I don’t know what to do,” the woman’s neighbor, Kim Cash, said to media.


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