A man drove to a police station in California with a death body in his car

A man drove up to the Mount Shasta police station in Northern California and told officers that he had killed four of his relatives. The body of a person was in his car just outside.

The body found in the car was a male. The suspect said he’d left the other bodies in his apartment in Roseville, Calif., more than 200 miles away and about 20 miles from Sacramento  The officers initially didn’t believe he was telling the truth. Later, three bodies had indeed been found in the man’s apartment. “I have never had someone come in with a body and turn themselves in here. This was unusual for us,” Sgt. Robert Gibson of the Mount Shasta Police Department told media. Mount Shasta and Roseville police said they are conducting a joint investigation into the killings. The man is believed to be the sole suspect in the killings, police said.


"There's a lot of information that we don't know,” Capt. Josh Simon explained. Police believes the suspect and victims are known to each other. It seems the suspect has nor criminal records. The names of the suspect in custody and the victims haven’t been released. Search warrants are being obtained for both scenes in Roseville and Mt. Shasta.