Christopher Columbus statues vandalized in America


A sign that read “Stop celebrating genocide” was placed at the foot of the Columbus statue, located in the Elmwood neighborhood of Providence, also covered in red paint. Another Columbus statue near Coit Tower was also sprayed with red paint. “Destroy all monuments of genocide and kill all colonizers,” was wrote in graffiti. The authorities in the city voted to change the holiday to Indigenous Peoples Day in January 2018. In recent years, indigenous people and others have rallied against the holiday, claiming Columbus enslaved and murdered many indigenous people. At least eight states and 130 cities have legally changed the holiday to Indigenous Peoples Day.


A such order was signed in Wisconsin in October 7 by its governor. Previously, this year, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Sitt signed legislation recognizing the day as both Native Americans Day and Columbus Day. Hawaii switched to “Discoverers Day.” Even the city council in Washington D.C. passed emergency legislation last week to rename the federal holiday but it need approval from the Congress.


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