Wildfire forced a hundred thousand people evacuation in Los Angeles area


About 100,000 people in over 20,000 homes were ordered to evacuate, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said.The Los Angeles fire erupted in the neighborhood of Sylmar in a giant plume of red glowing smoke that expanded rapidly. One man went into cardiac arrest and died, authorities said. The blaze broke out Thursday evening in the San Fernando Valley and spread westward. The region has been on high alert as notoriously powerful Santa Ana winds brought dry desert air to a desiccated landscape.


Power was restored to most of the nearly 2 million residents in the northern part of the state who lost electricity after the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. switched it off Wednesday. Some people told that they saw fire near power lines around the time the blaze broke out. However it could take a long time to determine the cause and origin of the fire. Schools and colleges closed for the day and Interstate 5 was shut down at the northern end of Los Angeles. More than 1,000 firefighters, helicopters, planes and jumbo jets are in the area to try to contain the blaze.


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