Teenager arrested in Washington because he planned an attack at school


She was calling the police after finding and reading her son’s journal. He wrote about attacking his school on a specific date: April 20, 2020 , the anniversary of Columbine shooting. He described how planned detonate pipe bombs and use multiple firearms to “blast anyone in sight” and “execute survivors.” “She’s very courageous,” said Troy Tomaras, College Place Police Chief. “It’s clearly very emotional for her. She loves her son.” The mother was known his son had been battling depression and considered the situation as a big danger. She even admitted he’s safer right now in jail than at school.


Her son told her it was only a creative writing exercise and that it was all “just a story” but police considers fact „beyond normal.” Teachers and students of the school appreciated that their lifes were saved by the courageus mother. There are not facts happening everyday. “I know a lot of people that go to College Place High School. Their lives would have been forever changed,” Nicole said.


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