How a kid from Philadelphia regained his smile after disaster


He is 8 year old. They organized a secret toy drive for him. The children kept the growing stockpile hidden from Daniel all week.The elementary school posted on Facebook photos hrom the moment when Daniel received their gift. In the photos, Daniel can be seen walking through the classroom door to a table overflowing with new toys, and a bucket full of even more. After his initial shock, Daniel then said, “‘I love it! Everyone come here,’ with his arms open wide.

Toys for Daniel

In one photo, Daniel stands in front of the huge pile with a huge smile on his face. Philadelphia Elementary School counselor Kelly Jones described him as “one of the most positive, happy students I’ve ever seen.” “It was amazing to witness the excitement these third grade kids had while sneaking in toys. The entire week, they couldn’t love him enough,” Jones added. Daniel said the feeling left him crying happy tears with the feeling of “joy in his stomach.” Hunt and his parents are now living with family members.


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