Vendor arrested after charging $724 for two beers


The vendor, 33-year-old Nathaniel Collier, tried to take hundreds from an unsuspecting Dolphins fan by scanning the fan’s credit card to a personal card reader, not the one provided to the vendor at the stadium. The fan ordered two peers from Collier during the Dolphins’ 30-10 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. The was suspected by the bank shortly after purchase. Collier faces charges of grand theft and using a skimming device. He was also fired by Rocket Man, the company that employs the vendors at Dolphins games.


The two beers at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami should have cost the fan about $19. Online court records show Collier was booked into the Miami-Dade County jail Monday. After alls, fans on stadiums know that their existence makes everything possible and they make sometimes bad decisions. Some of them act like cry babies in correlation to the gravity of the win or loss. They even take their shirts off. They scream at each othe and they start fights. Sometimes they accost the athletes. But to buy a beer is the most innocent part of the game experience until you are supercharged like this.


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