Federal judge blocked indefinitely detaining migrant children in the U.S.


The agreement forbids holding children in unlicensed detention facilities for more than 20 days but this was also contested. The judge has said rules issued by the Trump administration for the detention of immigrant children are inconsistent with a longstanding agreement that lays out conditions for their custody. A legal brief filed by more than 20 organizations, including prominent medical associations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics was registered. Myra Jones-Taylor, chief policy officer at the child-development advocacy group Zero to Three said that “even under the best circumstances, and even with their families, placing infants and toddlers in detention centers is not an acceptable option.”


Attorneys representing immigrant children said the administration was using young to deter from seeking asylum. this fiscal year, Border Patrol has arrested nearly 430,000 families for illegally crossing the border. “Detaining families indefinitely and needlessly inflicting trauma on young children is not an immigration policy  it’s an abhorrent abuse of power,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said in a statement.


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