An Oklahoma teenager woman arrested after making terroristic threats


Alexis Wilson purchased a new AK-47 and took photos and videos of herself with the weapon. She also told Sunday to a co-worker “that she was going to shoot 400 people for fun and that there were so many people at her old school that she would like to do it to.” The coworker told police about the conversation. Wilson’s bond was set Monday at $250,000. Police recovered the AK-47, rounds of ammunition and a 12-gauge shotgun from her bedroom, at Wilson’s home.


Wilson has maintained her innocence, telling police she “would never shoot up a school.” She told investigating officers that “she didn’t mean the statement to sound the way it did and that she was just trying to teach her coworker to not be afraid of firearms.” McAlester Public Schools was told that they had previous incidents with Wilson dating as far back as 2013. Wilson had been suspended from school for bringing a knife and later for having swastika symbols on some of her personal belongings. “This is something that in today’s time, it’s real and we want to keep our kids safe as much as we can,” county Superintendent Randy Hughes told.


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