A cargo ship overturned near a Georgia port, four people are missing


The ship was leaving Brunswick when it drastically leaned to its side. Four crew members are unaccounted for. here were 23 crew members and one pilot on board. Twenty people were rescued. The rescue operations were described as a „complex situation” by the Coast Guard. Capt. John Reed, commander of Coast Guard Sector Charleston, said rescuers noticed that smoke and flames began to appear as they approached the scene. It was not possible to go inside and it was not immediately known whether there were any injuries on board. The vessel must be first stabilized. Rescue missions will resume once it’s safe to do so.


Officials are still working to determine the cause of the incident. An emergency safety zone has been established. Other ships are not permitted within a half mile. As a precaution, pollution mitigation strategies have been activated.  The Golden Ray cargo vessel, a vehicles carrier 656-foot, was built in 2017 and sails under the flag of the Marshall Islands. The ship’s registered owner is a South Korean company. The port is one of the busiest U.S. seaports for shipping automobiles.


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