Shooting with several wounded after a high school football game in Mobile, Alabama


Five of them were critically wounded but stable. Other four had no gunshot wounds.They were rushed to area hospitals and no one died. Victims are males and females.The shooting stemmed from an altercation just after the game between Leflore and Williamson high schools and two individuals were detained for questioning but police are not confirming they are the shooters. Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste told reporters that the city will not tolerate shootings at public events. “This is unacceptable for people to not to be able to come out and enjoy an event,” he concluded.


“It is sad that something like this happened at a high school football game, where our athletes were having a good game on the field,” a spokesperson for the Mobile County Public Schools System said. A Mobile Police investigation is on the way. Footage taken after the shooting shows police cars swarming the stadium. Ladd–Peebles Stadium is home to the University of South Alabama Jaguars, and also hosts a variety of other sporting and non sporting events.


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