A Nevada student was arrested for posession of rifle and ammunition in car


Officers discovered the weapon while acting on a tip, the school said in a statement. “The student stated that he had forgotten that he had the weapon in his vehicle,” the university said. „If you see something suspicious, report it to the police immediately,” the staff of the college asked in a letter sent to its students. Firearms are prohibited on Nevada System of Higher Education campuses, including those kept in parked vehicles. The student was being held on a $2,000 bond on charges of possession of a dangerous weapon on school property. It is unclear why he had the weapons in his vehicle.There was no immediate threat to others on campus.

Image from the campus

The college has more than 2,500 teaching and non teaching staff and is the largest public college or university in Nevada. It has three main campuses in the Las Vegas Valley: the Charleston Campus, North Las Vegas Campus and Henderson Campus. There are also eight learning centers. The discovery of the firearm came just days after a North Carolina college student was arrested with ammunition and two firearms in his dorm room.


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