Hurricane Dorian is threating Florida and will continue to north – northeast


Prolonged tropical downpours will be unleashed that will lead to substantial urban and low-lying area flooding over interior Florida initially during Sunday night to Tuesday. As heavy rainfall from the storm moves inland, the terrain and soils can lead to more problems with stream and river flooding. Widespread power outages are expected. After making landfall in Florida, a gradual curved path to the north and northeast is anticipated. At the same time a non-tropical storm will progress eastward from the Midwest to the Northeastern U.S. next week.


The speed of this system may be critical for eventually turning Dorian to the north. If Dorian were to stay relatively close to the coast while heading northeastward next week, rough surf, coastal flooding and locally damaging wind may conceivably spread northward along the Georgia, Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and southern New Jersey coasts as well.


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