Tropical Storm Dorian could become a hurricane next week


A tropical depression or another tropical storm could form off Florida due to the conditions, AccuWeather reported Saturday. Tropical Storm Dorian moves to the west and it is expected to cross the southern region of the Lesser Antilles by early next week. No storm watches or storm warnings have been issued yet. It is not forecast to impact any region of the U.S. directly. At most, this storm will cause rough surf along the Carolina coast as it strengthens and moves over water.


Currently, the forecast track calls for the storm to pass about 50 miles to the southwest of the municipality of Boqueron, over the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico. Rain chances will start to increase in coverage on Monday. Temperatures will start out in the mid-70s Monday morning and they’ll climb into the upper 80s and lower 90s during the afternoon. A tropical or subtropical depression is likely to develop within the next few days while the system moves away from Central Florida and northeastward offshore of the southeast U.S.


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