One officer was killed in Riverside, California


The incident took place before 5:35 p.m. local time. The officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect who used an assault rifle-type weapon. One of the officers was airlifted to a hospital by a local sheriff’s department helicopter. Emergency personnel were seen giving CPR to one person. The gunman was killed. His name has not been released. One bystander, a civilian who was not in the immediate area of the shooting scene, was also injured. It is believed the person was struck by debris or shrapnel, not gunfire.


Law enforcement agencies, including Riverside police and the county sheriff’s office rushed to the scene to assist. They recovered a fire arm at the scene. Authorities do not know why the suspect fired on officers. Aerial footage revealed one CHP vehicle with the driver’s side window blown out from gunfire. A second was riddled with bullets on its windshield.The immediate area was closed to traffic due to the investigation.


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