An armed man was arrested at a Walmart in Missouri


A white armed man in his 20s walked into a Missouri Walmart store dressed in body armor and fatigues. No shots were fired and he was detained at gunpoint by an off-duty firefighter until police arrived. Police say the man was recording himself walking through the store using his phone. The incident caused a great amount of panic inside the store. The open carrying of firearms is legal in Missouri, as long as the weapon is not displayed in a threatening manner. The man entered the store with a tactical rifle, a handgun and more than 100 rounds of ammunition.


Springfield police said this guy is lucky to be alive and “his intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody that was in the business.” Police praised the firefighter’s actions. This came less than a week after a twisted gunman used an AK47-type weapon to kill 22 people in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Nobody know the real intention of the armed man in Missouri Walmart.


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