An Oregon man recovered money lost in the trash


When he realized the mistake the recycling bin had already been emptied into a truck bound for the Recology sorting facility in Humboldt County. More, most of the recyclables from the truck had been sorted by the time the man contacted Recology. He was desperate, the money was life savings. Each truck carries about 22 tons of material and the plant receives about 100 tons a day. However the miracle happened and the man was informed his money had been found. Only $320 were lost along the way. Nick Page, an employee at the plant, made the discovery.

The worker who found the money

The box traveled more than 200 miles by truck, from Ashland to Samoa, California, before being deposited at the plant. The owner had to drive four hours to collect his money. He wanted to reward the employees, but they refused. “Everybody was beaming, just happy that they were able to do something like that for him,” said Linda Wise, the general manager of the Recology recycling plant in Humboldt County, California.


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