A Nintendo Kid Icarus old edition game was sold for good money at auction


The unopened game was still sealed in its original packaging and even contained the original receipt from JCPenney which, at the time, went for $38.45. The receipt that was found with the game contained a date of December 8, 1988. Amos assumes the game was a Christmas gift purchased by his mom that she forgot about . It’s one of the rarest titles to find in its original packaging, with only 10 known to be owned by collectors. Amos posted the game on Heritage Auctions’ website for sale. The auction ended last night and the copy of Kid Icarus sold for over $9,000.


Developed by Nintendo and released for the NES in 1987 in the US, Kid Icarus has players control Pit in a Greek mythology-inspired world as he collects treasures and defeats Medusa’s forces.
The retro gaming market is on fire in recent years. Games from the ’80s and ’90s with original packaging can sell for big money. An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros sold for more than $100,000.


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