Missile launcher found in someone’s luggage at an airport


The launcher was discovered in the checked luggage of a man resident of Jacksonville, Texas, who said he worked for the military. He declared hat the launcher was a souvenir from Kuwait. “Fortunately, the item was not a live device. It was confiscated and handed over to the state fire marshal for safe disposal. The man was permitted to catch his flight,” a statement from the airport said. On Saturday, a passenger at Newark Liberty International Airport was caught with what appeared to be a grenade in his checked luggage. The man was removed from the flight. Explosives experts determined that it was actually a highly realistic replica of a grenade. Neither passenger was charged but the confiscated objects will not be returned.

Baltimore/Washington International Airport

There is a large list of banned or restricted objects on the baggage. Between them are: explosive and incendiary materials, firearms including replicas or parts, knives and cutting instruments, paintball guns, larger hand tools and others. In addition to the restrictions of the TSA, any airline may also have own restrictions on what is allowed on the airplane.


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