23 people were injured when explosion occurred at a shopping center in Plantation


A vacant pizza restaurant exploded. The restaurant, called PizzaFire, had been out of business for several months.The blast scattered large pieces of concrete as far as 50 yards (46 meters) away and sent pieces of metal as far as 100 yards (91 meters) across the street. Two cars were destroyed. A triage area has been set up after the explosion. 23 people were injured, two of them seriously. Video shows windows blown out of an LA Fitness while a building next door appeared completely destroyed, with debris strewn in all directions. “We thought it was thunder at first, and then we felt the building shake and things started falling. I looked outside and it was almost like the world was ending,” said a worker across the street. Dozens of firefighters responded, with dogs sniffing through the debris to make sure people weren’t trapped underneath.


The cause of the explosion was unknown initially. The Plantation fire department called it later a gas explosion. The gas leaking from the ruptured lines has since been stopped.


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