An explosion occured at a University of Nevada, Reno dormitory


Some of them were trated at the scene. But there was a major damage to the building. “While we we were there investigating it, there was a larger explosion that damaged a large portion of the center of the building,” Steve Leighton, operations chief for the Reno Fire Department said. There was also a complete power outage except for the emergency lights. Multiple people ran out of the dorm building when evacautions were taking place, some in just their underwear. Windows were blown out on multiple floors of Argenta Hall.


Multiple agencies have responded to the incident, including the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, the Reno and Sparks police departments, the Reno Fire Department and the Nevada Highway Patrol. All classes have been canceled. University officials are calling the explosion a utilities accident. It’s believed possibly a boiler had given out. Fire officials were working with a building engineer to assess the safety of the building.


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