A fire on the cabin forced an emergency landing in Boston for a Virgin Atlantic plane


Passengers described smelling burning and smoke filling the cabin, coming from the first class area. A battery pack for a cell phone charger stuffed between the seats may have been to blame. A female passenger who was on the plkane rejected reports that a phone charger had been the cause.The Boston Fire Department was called to check the plane. One passenger did refuse treatment for a smoke-related complaint but no serious injuries were reported after all 217 passengers were evacuated from the plane. Passengers were to be rebooked on later flights. There were complaints by passengers about a lack of information as they waited in Boston to be rebooked.


Virgin Atlantic confirmed in a statement that the flight had been diverted to Boston “due to reports of smoke in the cabin”. “Our crew responded immediately and the plane has landed safely”, it said. An American Airlines flight also made an emergency landing at the same airport earlier on Thursday after a cockpit light indicated an unspecified potential mechanical problem.


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