Parents of a killed student filled a lawsuit against Utah University


She was killed in the campus of Utah University. Previously, Lauren was bombarded with a barrage of harassment from Rowland, which she reported to authorities dozens of times. Her parents, Matt and Jill McCluskey, believe their daughter’s death was preventable, and that the university failed to protect her. Now, the parents took legal action against the school. McCluskey’s family filed a $56 million federal civil-rights lawsuit.They held a press conference in Salt Lake City on Thursday morning after their attorneys file the legal complaint. Jill and Matthew McCluskey have said university police and housing officials failed to take her case seriously enough and act on warnings that her ex-boyfriend was dangerous.


“No investigation occurred, no plans were developed or implemented and no effort was made to take any meaningful action reasonably calculated to end the harassment or to otherwise prohibit Melvin Rowland from having ongoing access to the university’s campus,” the complaint claims. „The detective in charge of Lauren’s case went on vacation and returned to find that Lauren had been murdered,”  the document concluded. A spokesperson for the University of Utah declined to comment.


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